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About Hasovan
In 2012, Hasovan was born with a vision of lighting up the inner world with Joy. It perhaps is the only company dedicated entirely to enhance emotional wellness and mental wellbeing. Hasovan is totally research based and unearths the mindful wellbeing by incorporating the tools of laughter, active meditation and awareness to strengthen the inner being. Over the years, Hasovan has grown into a thought lab that has researched, innovated and is involved in building stress-busting applications and products that induce a positive and relaxed state of mind.

Mission: Our mission is to be joyfully fit, healthy and have positive cheerful relationships in work & life.

About the Founder
Savitha Hosamane is, an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Trainer, is on a mission to empower the inner being joyfully to attain work-life harmony. An instrumentation engineer by qualification and a Joyful engineer by choice chose to walk the path less travelled of unconventional business. She currently conducts experiential workshops about the impact of Lifestyle diseases in the young population and equip them with skills to lead a harmonious and healthy life. Has successfully impacted thousands of people and continues to do so. What began as creating innovative products for people to unburden themselves and release the stress has grown into a lifelong crusade of enabling people with self-explorative techniques/skills for managing their Lifestyles. Was awarded patent-incentive by KCTU, Government of Karnataka for the first functional prototype of “Laughing chair” - an intelligent seating arrangement to relieve stress. Hasovan was identified as a creative start-up and awarded by being showcased in a short-movie. Also chosen among Top 25 start-ups of India by AIMS-Smart city. Got featured in the book “Turning Points” of uncommon people as one among 14 true life stories. Co-authored the book “First Step to Freedom” 

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