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Inner Conflicts – A realm of being self-conscious

I was witness to one of my close associates who got the pink slip at work during the time of recession. He withdrew into a shell and became very self-conscious. It was like the whole world had fallen apart and he was unwilling to share anything with his friends or family. He lost his confidence as he felt that something drastically had gone wrong for no fault of his. He was unwilling to accept the situation.
On the other hand, I noticed a similar situation from a small business which got shutdown. One of the employees took it sportingly and offered himself to work for any menial job till he finds the right positions. I found this person cheerful and open.

Attitude of self-conscious

There is a constant inner turmoil going on with people who become self-conscious and the struggle is visible in the body language itself. Each step is a defeating step and frustration levels goes very high. If we look around we find people who are highly miserable because they have built walls of misery and have hidden themselves in their boundaries. Until and unless they make a conscious effort to break the walls, nothing changes. When we understand this reality, the walls start crumbling. Just a change of attitude, the whole world is available.
Dependency on other’s opinions
Whenever results were out, my uncle would come and state “so and so have scored 95% and above”. He/She is so intelligent.

She is tall and fair, so beautiful.
Who has given the authority to people to certify others?. People who are used to getting appreciative comments like this tend to become dependent on appreciation so much that they naturally expect to be praised wherever they go and be given special prominence. When it is not derived from the outside world, they start becoming self-conscious and start losing out on themselves. Each one of us are unique and talented. There is no need to be certified by others. Just be aware as this is a subtle trap as this leads to unwanted stress and tensions. When, we know ourselves from within, we do not depend on others opinions. 

Drop Self-consciousness

Each one of us is immensely strong from within irrespective of whatever shape, size, color and backgrounds we come from. We tend to forget it over a period of time. Start with listening to the conflicting voices from within in a calm and peaceful way. You will start building consciousness and will be able to perceive things in the right direction as stumbling blocks and thoughts.

Comment below on your thoughts. Watch this space for more insights. Want to bring about the culture of progress, performance and productivity for maximizing your inner potential, attend our Turning Point– Turn in and Tune in workshop. Mail us at for more details. Our team would be happy to get in touch. Catch the work-place philosophy of various companies in the book “Erupt with Joy” by Savitha Hosamane.

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