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How to love your work?

Align with your role
Start with asking yourself what attracted you to take the job in the first place. Explore and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. You will come up with solid answers soon. Answering this question is important as this is the foundation which makes to fall in love with the work you do. Reflect on your values and beliefs that are associated with the work you’re doing for the company and check if it matches with your own value system. This is the first step to align with the role.
Explore your Abilities at the Workplace
Your abilities are your strengths. See how best you can utilise the strengths which come naturally to you at work. Build on those strengths by devoting few minutes everyday so that you will be able to face challenges in innovative ways. Work on delivering the best in every small activity everyday. Then work becomes more exciting and you will begin to enjoy your work. Striving towards excellence help is giving the best performance and soon you will realise that you love what you do.

Work Sincerely

Work done with all honestly and sincerity results in bringing joy and one will start enjoying the process. Be committed to the role and the responsibilities that you have been assigned. Go on and perform in the same manner even when no one is watching you.  That is when you will be able to deliver the best. It is your accountability to self that goes a long way in building a loving relationship to the work at hand.
Choose to see Lighter side
Many a time the situation will be wrong and you might be right. Everyone company prefers to be the best employer. It cannot happen due to various circumstances. Instead of complaining about situations that are not in our control, we can choose to see how best the situation can be handled. You can make your own choices and not take things seriously when things are not in our favour. Look at the bright and light side and focus on what makes the job interesting and on the aspects that you enjoy about work.
Avoid people who always criticize, complain and condemn and focus on the impact that you can create with your choice to be happy and engaged at work. the more engaged you are, you will be happier and enthusiastic. This quality will attract your co-workers and people will start yearning to have you as a member of their team. Make laughter and humour as a part of your life. This increases engagement also as laughter and humour work as a de-stressing agent.

Be friendly with Co-Workers

Having friendly relationships with our co-workers will contribute to a major part of our happiness at work. Common interests promote bonding at work. Connect and communicate with your co-workers. Never leave any opportunity to build relationship. It will boost satisfaction in other areas of your work. Even if a situation arises where a misunderstanding has arisen, be the first to iron out issues. Never carry back work tension to home.

Be a part of the organisation’s mission

When employees are aligned to the mission, they are likely to be happier at work. This creates self-accountability and the alignment gives a “cultural fit” which is a top priority. The job is not only about pay checks but also building skill sets. It
Integrate professional and personal life
We all have to play different roles in our lives apart from job. All the roles requires attention. When integrated well, energy is infused in all the roles. Research what needs to be fulfilled in each role. Bring out the aspect of fun at work. Interaction with coaches, mentors or influencers and implement suggestions. This will create calmness in the roles of life.

Implement self-care

Find ways of learning more about yourself. Appreciate and love yourself. Focus your energy on getting me time for yourself. Take a pause and reflect on yourself. Have a chat with your own self. When you start taking care of your own self, love arises and the same is transmitted to all other areas of your life.
Stay in the present
Give yourself 100% to the activity at hand. Do not keep shuttling between your past and future. Staying in the present moment helps you to be connected and tuned to the goal or task. Cultivating to stay in the present requires lot of patience and work on the self. This creates a loving bond to self and the work that is done.
Comment below with your thoughts. Watch this space for more insights on healthy mindset for self-leadership. Want to bring about the culture of progress, performance and productivity for maximizing your profits, attend our Turning Point– Turn in and Tune in workshop. Mail us at for more details. Our team would be happy to get in touch. Catch the work-place philosophy of various companies in the book “Erupt with Joy” by Savitha Hosamane. 

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