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Steps to lead yourself

 1. Learn something new everyday–

In order to build your leadership level, list your strengths and the level of expertise of the strength. For example, if writing is your strength, then mark yourself as a beginner, intermediate or an expert in writing. Then start learning something new about your strength everyday consistently. You will grow in your knowledge of domain and move on to the next level over a period of time to become an expert.
2. Strengthen your relationships
Building and growing relationships will definitely help you become a better leader. With more like minded people in your circle, you will be more connected.  It will also help to brainstorm ideas and share insights and feedback. As a leader, teaching others how to apply knowledge so they don’t make the same mistakes will create lasting associations.

3. Be responsible
Start taking full responsibility in every choice you make at work. Commit to completing the task at hand. This will help you to reach your goals. You will start creating the world that you dreamt of, when you start making real choices for yourself
4.know yourself
What are your strengths?  What drives you and gives you a sense of purpose? Do the work with 100% dedication so that you will be able to explore your unique strengths. Maintain consistency every day. Align with the work that you are doing presently. To check your alignment with the work, ask yourself, “What is my most useful contribution to my work in this moment?”. If you get an answer immediately and you are happily satisfied with the answer, which means you are aligned in your work.
5.Embrace challenges at work
When faced with challenges, you can either fight or overcome the challenge. Start looking at every challenge as an opportunity to grow. There is a lesson in every challenging situation. Do not miss the chance to learn something new, either about your field or about yourself.
6. Be your own decision maker
  As the saying goes, “Ideas are common; execution is everything”  leaders always execute. If you see a problem, fix it. Don’t wait for someone else to do it because that person may never come along. Bet on yourself. It’s the safest risk.  Many a time you may not see the desired results, however that should not stop you from moving forwards. Trust your ideas even if others do not trust. They may not be able to see your vision. In case the idea fails, the learning should not fail.
7.Teach others
The best way to learn and be an expert is by teaching others. When you start sharing your experiences and wisdom, you start establishing yourself as a leader. Do not be a dictator. Through teaching others, you become an inspiration to lead, to learn, or simply to participate more. share your knowledge in as many ways as you can. Become a mentor or a volunteer or give presentations in seminars or webinars. Reach out to your directors and let them know that you have something of value to contribute.

8.Take Guidance when required
When faced with challenges, be ready to approach an expert. One can’t lead alone always. Taking suggestions will not make you any less of an expert or a leader. In fact, you will gain more respect by approaching for advice when you needed it than to try it single-handedly and fail. It’s also important to acknowledge the person who guided you. Never try to hide the fact that you got help. By showing gratitude, you’ll show maturity and willingness to be a team player.
9.See the bigger picture
the ability to overcome unpredictable challenges will mold you as a good leader. Always have an alternate plan ready ahead of time in case of any unforeseen circumstances.  One of the good qualities of a leader is to be able to see the bigger image along with the problems even before they occur. Have predictive suggestions for overcoming the potential problems is leader’s fine quality and makes a leader valuable.
10. Don’t be disappointed
One may not succeed 100% all the time. It is okay to fail.! To quote Henry Ford“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” We may not be aware but some of the biggest brands are the result of failures. Pick yourself up and take the next step. If you can do this, you have the traits of an insightful leader.

It is through mistakes we learn and grow. The one who makes no mistakes, makes nothing. To perfect any skill requires a lot of practice. Even athletes spend thousands of hours practicing and perfecting their skills. To build yourself as a leader also requires discipline, dedication and determination with loads of practice and patience.
Comment below on your thoughts. Watch this space for more insights on healthy mindset for self-leadership. Want to bring about the culture of progress, performance and productivity for maximizing your profits, attend our Turning Point– Turn in and Tune in workshop. Mail us at for more details. Our team would be happy to get in touch. Catch the work-place philosophy of various companies in the book “Erupt with Joy” by Savitha Hosamane. 

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